20 Content Ideas For Boss Babes!

20 Content Ideas For Boss Babes!

Hey boss babe! Looking for some content inspiration? You've come to the right place. In this blog post, we'll share 20 content ideas that are perfect for boss babes like you. From social media post ideas to how to execute them, there's something here for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started!


How to be productive

It's tough to stay productive in this day and age. With all the distractions around you, it can be hard to stay focused on one task for an extended period of time. Show your following your easy steps, so they can find themselves being more productive than ever before!

Tips for goal setting and achieving them

Setting and accomplishing goals can be one of the most satisfying and enjoyable things any of us can do. With these tips you share in mind, hopefully it'll make it easier for your followers to get set up for success.

Tell your brand story

Every brand has a story and yours is no different. Share it and inspire someone!

Talk about your inspirations

Whether it be a family member, friend, or role model, share who inspires you most to be a boss babe!

Share your strong morning routine

Everything from yoga to reading a few chapters from a new book whatever your morning routine is, or what you're feeling that day. Share how you show up for yourself every morning.

Day in the life of a business owner

You may have one day where most of your time is spent responding to emails and organizing meetings, followed by another day filled with reviewing financial records and solving complex problems. Other boss babes would love to know how you utilize your day!

Educate your followers about your niche

 A great way to do this is through creating helpful content that gives insights into the industry, such as tutorials, reviews, case studies, and more. Not only will this help build trust within the community but also provide your followers with valuable information that they can use to make decisions.

Bust an industry myth

Let them know how something could not be further from the truth about your niche industry.

Q&A about yourself and business

Do a Q&A about yourself and business. Ultimately, this creates an environment of mutual respect and trust between you and your audience!

Show Client Transformations

Showing client transformations is a great way for businesses to prove the benefits of their services, products, or advice. 

Do behind the scenes of your day

Show what your day is all about as a boss babe.

Biggest lesson you learned in business

Let your following know about some of your biggest lessons you learned in business!

Advice to your younger self

Growing up can be tough, show your followers what you would say to your younger self to help them succeed.

Biggest goal for 2023

Share your most ambitious goals for yourself and your business in 2023, and how you plan to reach this highest level of achievement by 2023.

Proudest moment for your business?

Share your proudest personal moment for you and your business and how you can't wait for all the proud moments to come!

Outfit of the day (that you wear to work)

Show what you wear that feels right for you – and makes sense for what you do for work.

How you manage self care

Taking care of yourself should be a priority in your life; Show your audience how you balance business life and self care!

Film your weekend routine

Documenting your weekend through a film is an interesting way to capture some amazing moments. Filming my weekend routine is definitely something to try out soon!

Share your strategy for certain scenarios

Share strategy for when you're faced with a tricky situation, so you can help your followers to develop the best possible strategy for the given scenario.

Do a throwback post showing how far you've come

To celebrate all of the growth and change that has taken place in your life, do a "throwback" post to show everyone the amazing transformation that has occurred!


Share with us how you execute some of these ideas on your social media!

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