10 Must-Have Tools Every Creator Needs

10 Must-Have Tools Every Creator Needs

With LITTIL, you can create the foundation for everything you'll need on your content creation journey, but there are some extras that you should have in your toolkit.

Here’s our take on what every content creator needs to get started (and maintain) on their journey to glowing content.


  1.  Ring Light

Every content creator needs a way to improve their lighting. Whether you're creating on the go or late at night, having an additional light source can level up your content quickly and expertly. 

Our LITTIL Superstar Slim is the perfect companion for every creator's tool deck. With multiple lighting settings to help give you the perfect look for your feed, you can customize your photo shoots to your exact aesthetic. 


  2.  Bluetooth Remote 

You shouldn't have to keep your hands out of the frame for the perfect photo– a Bluetooth remote, like our LITTIL Spark, can help you to take pics from any pose.  

Bluetooth remotes are more than a quick fix for hand placement. A Bluetooth remote can also help you to limit camera movement from tapping on the screen and allow you to take photos from a farther distance. These create opportunities to diversify your feed and improve your overall quality content creation.  


  3.  Tripod

While a cute selfie at arm's length is a classic content staple, adding a tripod to your content toolkit will help you to level up your feed. 

For our superstar creators who want to get into brand deals and influencer contracts, one of the great things about your Instagram feed is that it can double as your portfolio. Brands who want to work with you will check out your page to see if you fit their vibe, and you can do the same if you decide to pitch to clients.

A diverse feed is one of the best ways to show off your skills to potential brands. With our LITTIL Rise Selfie Stick you can: 

  • Take group photos 
  • Take photos from new angles
  • Take photos from a higher perspective 
  • Improve your feed with full body shots


  4.  Camera

Every creator must have a quality camera to begin their content journey. Most mobile devices like the iPhone have a camera that rivals even some of the more expensive cameras on the market. Feel free to use what you have on hand, or invest in professional-grade camera equipment like Sony DSLR varieties. 


  5.  Photo Editing Software 

To create professional-looking work, photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Canva changes the game for superstar creators. They give you the tools to brand yourself visually and the tutorials to improve your editing. 

Photo Editing software is key to unifying your content with your brand. Consistently editing your photos the same way can help you to achieve similarity across your feed and span multiple platforms as your business grows. 


  6.  Laptop 

Having a laptop or computer is best if you want to edit photos and batch content. Your mobile device is powerful, but many photo editing and video editing software are limited in their mobile versions. Working from a laptop or desktop ensures you get maximum use out of all your tool decks and have a better workspace to produce glowing content. 


  7.  Portable Charger

Creating on the go is a crucial part of capturing lifestyle content, but what happens when you run out of battery life?  

With LITTIL Volt, you can keep creating for up to an additional four hours of phone time. This works with iPhones and can give you the final push you need to finish shooting after a long day. 


  8.  Backdrops

If you’re a content creator who wants to take bomb product photos for your lifestyle brand, backdrops will be your best friend. 

With a simple white backdrop and quality lighting, you can take professional photos that highlight your product's unique features and usability. Say goodbye to a cluttered background that distracts from your content, and level up your photos with clear backdrops in colors of your choosing. 


  9.  Post-Scheduling Software

Adding post-scheduling software like Later, Hootsuite, or Buffer can help you develop consistent routines with your content. You can batch content more effectively, pre-plan your content feed and try out new layouts with scheduling software. 


  10.  Content Brainstorming Websites  

Constantly coming up with new content ideas can be difficult, so don’t be afraid to take inspiration from online. Sites like Answer the Public can give you a framework to create a monthly content plan that answers common questions in your niche. You can also use it to learn what people are searching for and gain relevant subtopics to cover in the captions of your photos. 

Social media platforms like Pinterest can guide you with inspiration for photo angles, aesthetics, and lookbooks to master. All of these are great ways to improve your content overall and add to your online presence. 


Create Empowering Content with LITTIL 

These 10 tools will help you to get started and maintain your content creator journey, but don’t forget what glowing content is all about. Content creation is empowering for our superstar creators because it gives you the chance to show up authentically online, develop your skills and stand out in creative ways. We’re all about creativity at LITTIL, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with! 

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