5 Lessons To Learn as a Girl Boss, To Make Your Life Easier

5 Lessons To Learn as a Girl Boss, To Make Your Life Easier

An easy life is everyone’s dream, especially the talented girl boss. Who wouldn't want to be successful, profitable, and live a life of ease?

But what does it really take to simplify life? What attitudes allow certain people to remain successful, even amid adversity? 

It all starts with being committed to investing in yourself.


  1.  Invest in Yourself First 

What comes to mind when you think of investments? Is it a financial investment? Or maybe you think about time investments? Investment of effort even.

All of these are important investments you'll need to make in your business if you want to be successful, but you should remember to invest in yourself first.

Investing in yourself is what separates good content creators from brilliant ones. People who invest in themselves understand that even their most successful product or idea shouldn't be prioritized over themselves.

Investing in yourself can look like:


  • Having self-care routines 
  • Studying personal development 
  • Spending time in nature 
  • Focusing on your health
  • Taking time off 
  • Knowing your limits 

Investing effort into developing yourself first can have positive natural rewards on the growth of your business. It makes your life easier because you become more equipped to handle whatever life throws at you. 


  2.  Avoid Comparison 

We live in a world where we are one click away from seeing someone who appears to have a better life than us. This means that there are lots of opportunities for people to create content that changes lives, but it also creates the potential for comparison.

It's easy to get caught up on influencers who are further along in their journey than you are. It's even inspiring to see how successful some of them have become in a very short time, but whatever you do, avoid comparing yourself to them.

Everyone's journey is different and something that makes your life easier is understanding that fact. Whether it be your journey into business development or your journey into personal growth, it will always be unique to you. 


  3.  Dress the Part to Feel the Part

Sophia Amoruso, the author of #Girlboss, shares a valuable lesson in her recent book. She states that you should “dress the part to feel the part” and, at LITTIL, we couldn’t agree more. 

In the beauty and lifestyle space, there's an expectation about how poised people should look. However, that doesn't mean that every day you wake up with a desire to look that way. 

There will be days when it will be a challenge to meet the standards you set for yourself. There will be days when it's harder to look the part than others. 

But every time you commit to doing so, you reaffirm that you believe in what you're doing. 

Every time you commit to dressing the part, you're telling yourself: this is who I am. More importantly, you're telling yourself that this is what you want.

Whether you're creating content or going through life, your identity informs your habits. If you want to create better habits and affirm positive beliefs about yourself– start with dressing the part. Start by showing up daily as who you believe you are, even if it's just in the outfit that you wear. 


  4.  Embrace the Opportunity to Grow

Life isn't made easier by doing easy things. It's made easier by doing hard things until those hard things become easy to do. One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to embrace the opportunity to grow. Life will present challenges to you and you have a choice: you can accept those challenges as an opportunity to glow up or you can back down. 

Ultimately neither of those choices is right or wrong. Life only presents challenges to us that we're ready for, but we have to decide we're ready for them before we take them on. Embracing the opportunity to grow can look like:


  • Stepping out and creating content 
  • Trying a new style 
  • Attending a networking event 
  • Taking a class
  • Correcting a mistake

 Whatever you do, know that every time you embrace the opportunity to grow, you get the chance to become a little bit better at doing a hard thing. And every time you embrace those challenges they get a little bit easier, which means life gets a little bit easier for you. 


  5.  Connect with Others 

There's value in connecting with others at every stage of life. Understanding the community can bring you both strength and opportunity is a significant part of many business owners' Journeys.

Connecting with others is about more than networking opportunities. As you connect with others, you have the opportunity to learn from those who are further along than you. You also potentially have the opportunity to teach. 

Both learning and teaching are experiences that can enhance your life, and taking the time to connect with others whether in your personal or professional life creates those experiences for you.


Make Life Easier with LITTIL 

At LITTIL we believe that content creation should be simple–able to be done by anyone who wants to and easy to get started. Our products were curated with the girl boss, the mom, and the student in mind, and making your life easier is what we’re all about. 

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