A LITTIL Holiday Gift Guide

A LITTIL Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season’s here, which means it’s time for you to get started with your Christmas shopping list. 

Although LITTIL started as a handy selfie tool, our line of products has evolved to be more inclusive to people’s different situations and interests; meaning, if you or the person you’re buying a gift for isn’t into taking selfies, they could still find some use for it in their daily lives.

If you’re not sure what kind of LITTIL product to get and for whom, check out this gift guide.

LITTIL Selfie One: Best for the Selfie Taker

LITTIL Selfie One Ring Light

The LITTIL Selfie One is a portable selfie light best for people who love to take front-facing selfies using their smartphones. You can easily tuck it in your bag or purse, and once it’s ready for use, it clips on to your phone. (It can also clip on to your laptop and tablet, by the way. Perfect for Zoom calls!) Last up to 90 minutes.

The Selfie One has three light settings — yes, three! — which you can use to achieve different lightning tones: warm, cool, and natural. You can cycle through the levels by clicking the button on the side: easy!

When the juice runs out of this, simply plug it in because this is — you guessed it — rechargeable. The great thing is that it recharges while in use. 


LITTIL Selfie Mini: Best for On-the-Go Selfies

LITTIL Selfie Mini Ring Light

Now, if you’re looking for something that’s even smaller than the Selfie One, that’s even more portable, that can fit in your pocket, clutch, purse, fanny pack, whatever, then the Selfie Mini is the best fit for you. 

The mini is about one and a half inches big, but don’t let its size fool you. It is small but mighty bright. This light has three powerful brightness levels. Best for anyone that is always on the go since the light last up to 15 min. It also clips on to your phone easily, and it’s also rechargeable so you don’t have to keep going to the dang grocery store to stock up on batteries. Simply plug it in and charge!

LITTIL Shine: Best for Minimalist Home Use

LITTIL Shine Ring Light

Let’s say you’re not a big fan of selfies, and you don’t go out often because of COVID (or you’re just a homebody in general). The best fit for you would be the LITTIL Shine, which is best for at-home use. Place it on your office desk to use for Zoom calls, put it on your stool for a virtual yoga sesh, or even clip it on your vanity table to film a makeup tutorial. 

LITTIL Shine has a flexible arms so you can bend the light to exactly where you want it to be. Plus, it also has an adjustable holder for your phone, so you can position it however you want. Neat!

Like all of LITTIL's line of products, Shine has three lighting tones (you know the ones: warm, cool, and natural) with 10 brightness levels each tone. 

LITTIL Superstar: Best for a Bigger and Brighter Shine


LITTIL Superstar Desktop Ring Light


If you’re looking for something more heavy duty with a bigger light that you plan to keep at home, then check out LITTIL Superstar. The ring light is 10 inches — 10 inches! — so you can rest assured that you’ll get exactly the perfect amount of glow to your face. It also has a holder that will keep your phone in place when you’re recording. 

Plus, it has a stand so you can place it anywhere (on the floor, on the table, on a chair) and a bendable neck so you can direct the ring light to the right position. Heck, you can even bend it down for some cool overhead shots. 

LITTIL Superstar Slim: Best for the Full-Length Shots


LITTIL Superstar Slim Portable Ring Light


If you like the build and functionality of the Superstar, but you’re looking for something that can do full-body shots with even more versatility, then the Superstar Slim is the perfect one for you!

This one’s best for wide shots like dancing videos (hello, TikTok!), cooking tutorials, or hands-free full photography. Although you can adjust the stand for a full-length shot, you can also adjust it down for a lower angle — whatever floats your boat!

Of course, it comes with the three lighting tone (warm, cool, and natural), 10 brightness level per tone, and it has a ring light that’s 11 and a half inches in size — wow! And if you need to take it to a different location with you, you can easily take it down and build it back up again. No sweat.

Christmas will be here before you know it, so get a head start and write that shopping list. Your future self who doesn’t have to rush buying presents in a panic will thank you. 





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