Let's Elevate Your Content! 5 Need-to-Know Tips for Content Creators

Let's Elevate Your Content! 5 Need-to-Know Tips for Content Creators

Are you ready to level up your content with a digital content strategy? Are you looking for the missing piece to glow up your content this year?

Our LITTIL list of top tips is just what you need. Find out how to make good content better, show up consistently online, and optimize your digital content strategy here. 


Why Build A Digital Content Strategy? 

For your content to work, you need a digital content strategy in place. This will elevate your content, build community, and drive traffic to your social media. Without a digital content strategy, your content won’t be seen by your ideal audience. 

Creating content strategically also helps you to use your resources more effectively. What we don’t want is to build the perfect digital content strategy and then not have the time, money, or energy to execute it. 

A digital content strategy ensures you’re prepared to commit to being consistent. Everything you need to do to maintain your content creation will be outlined within it. 


5 Content Marketing Tips For Content Creators

Here are five tips for content marketing to help elevate your content. You’re already a superstar creating good content, and with these, you can make it even better. The five tips are: 

  1. Plan your content
  2. Repurpose content 
  3. Create behind-the-scenes content 
  4. Use platform analytics to optimize your content 
  5. Improve content quality 

In this article, we’ll cover each of these in-depth and provide actionable advice for incorporating each tip into your digital content strategy.


1. Plan Out Your Content

When you’re excited about your content creator journey, it’s only natural to want to create all the time and on a whim. But this isn’t sustainable and can undermine your long-term efforts.

To level up your content, you need to plan out your content for an effective digital content strategy. 

You can plan content by breaking it into topics like content pillars and mapping them out on a virtual calendar to create a consistent posting schedule. 

Tips For Content Planning

  • Plan content  two weeks to a month in advance. Avoid planning much further than this so that you can take advantage of trends that arise without throwing off your digital content strategy.
  • Save space in your content calendar for impromptu ideas.
  • Use digital content planners like Later and Buffer to help visualize content.
  • Use a scheduler so that you can post content at optimal times.
  • Batch create content whenever you can.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of content and look for trends in what works.


2. Repurpose Content 

Once you've planned your content, you may notice that certain topics and themes begin to repeat. It's OK! Now, it’s time to learn the power of content repurposing. 

Content repurposing is taking one piece of content and optimizing it for different platforms or formats. This can look like this:

  • Taking a TikTok video and repurposing it for Instagram Reels
  • Turning a blog post into a Youtube video 
  • Using a Youtube video as a script for a podcast 
  • Repurposing selfies for profile icons and Instagram feed posts

Creating content with the potential of repurposing in mind will help you maximize the use of your content. Building a successful digital marketing strategy can be difficult, but with content repurposing, you can focus your energy on creating a handful of key pieces of content during the month. Then, you can drive your digital marketing strategy from the key content and save time during the planning and creation stages. 


3. Create Behind The Scenes Content 

One way you can level up your content strategy is to share your process with your audience. If you're a photographer, give your audience a front-row seat to photo shoots, editing, and bloopers. 

If you’re an artist, share your unfinished art with your viewers to give them an insider look at your process. 

If you’re a vlogger, incorporate your daily routine into your work and let subscribers get to see the real you–uncut. 

It can be scary to show up authentically online, but that’s what will set your content apart from the rest. 

With our influencer-approved LED lights, you can share what’s going on behind the curtain in stunning detail.


4. Use Platform Analytics To Optimize Your Content 

A crucial part of your digital content marketing strategy will be to test and measure how your content is doing. 

You can track content performance within your social media platform or use outside tools like Google Analytics and website plugins to view your organic traffic. 

Benefits of using analytics to optimize content include: 

  • Gives you a better idea of what content to continue creating 
  • Clarifies your successful content 
  • Allows you to identify trends in your engagement

Switching your profile to creator profiles on platforms like Instagram and TikTok will give you the option to access dashboard analytics.


5. Actively Improve Content Quality 

When it comes to your digital content strategy, it’s quality over quantity every time. From the aesthetic of your feed to ensuring text content is actionable and inspiring, by improving your content quality, you can elevate your content creation over time. 

Simple ways you can improve content quality include: 

  • Add CTAs or call to action to your social media posts
  • Improve the quality of photos with LED lights
  • Make sure each post gives value to your audience in some way 
  • Diversify content types to increase opportunities for engagement 
  • Utilize SEO to create content and gain organic traffic 


Are You Ready To Elevate Your Content?

Creating good content isn't easy, but with consistency and effort all of our glowgetters come out on top. Whether you're building a personal brand, a course, or a product, you need a digital content strategy in place to get results. How will you elevate your content today?

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