Content Creation 101

Content Creation 101

Are you a creative person who's ready to put your content online? Are you a photographer who wants to take the next step in growing your portfolio and business?

Digital content creation is the future for online entrepreneurs just like you–and it can start with just one photo. 

 If you’re a glowgetter who’s ready to create content and show up consistently online but don't know where to start, this guide is just for you.

What Is Content Creation For Social Media? 

Content creation for social media is the process of generating visual, audio, and blog materials based on the needs and desires of your audience. Content creation includes a variety of multimedia and helps creators to establish and create community, increase brand recognition, engage with their audience, and drive profit. 

How To Start Digital Content Creation? 

Getting started with digital content creation can be done in seven easy steps. They are:

  1. Choose your niche
  2. Build out your brand 
  3. Take high-quality photos 
  4. Create a content calendar 
  5. Rotate four types of content
  6. Analyze the data

In this article, we’ll cover each of these in-depth and provide tips on how to get the best results from your content. 

Step One: Choose Your Niche 

Start by choosing a niche. When it comes to content creation for social media and niche references to a specialized market you serve. 

 Before you create content, you’ll need to identify:

  • Your audience
  • The type of content your audience consumes online
  • The platform you want to focus on 
  • How you want to provide value 

By selecting a niche or specialized market, you can focus your content creation efforts. This will help you to create a community of like minds and gather valuable input on your work. Choosing how you will provide value, like through video, writing, or a mix will guide your digital content creation. 


Step Two: Build Out Your Brand 

The next step is to build out your brand by identifying the elements that will set your content apart. 

Branding is the combination of what you do and what you stand for online. This can be represented by design elements of your content, your brand voice, and the topics you address online. 

Strong branding will help you to stand out online, but more importantly, it will attract your ideal audience to your social media platforms. Branded digital content creation involves:  

  • Mission–Tell your audience why you do what you do. Ask yourself: why am I creating this content? What do I want to inspire in others? 
  • Themes–Branded content can include themes like luxury, lifestyle, empowerment, and social justice. By identifying what your brand stands for, you give your audience a better idea of what to expect from your content. 
  • Problems–The best products solve a problem for your customer. To do this, you must first identify what problem your audience has. One of the best ways to provide value that’s in alignment with your branding is to solve small issues with educational content that also builds your authority online. 
  • Education–Once you’ve identified your mission, theme, and the problem you solve, you can begin educating about those topics in your content creation for social media. Consistently creating content that is impactful and valuable for your readers will help your brand grow online.


Step Three: Take High-Quality Photos

High-quality content will set your content apart online. You can begin creating high-quality content by taking high-quality photos that are aligned with your brand themes and aesthetics. 

All you need to take high-quality photos are:

  • A quality camera phone 
  • A premium ring light for the best lighting 
  • A LITTIL magic and creativity to get started

A LITTIL magic can take you a long way when it comes to content creation for social media. By adding your shine to your brand, you can create authentic content that connects and inspires your audience. 

With LITTIL, we aim to empower individuals to create by giving them all the tools they’ll need to create stunning content. To get that perfectly lit shot on the go, check out our portable selfie light collection


Step Four: Create A Content Calendar 

Consistency is key for digital content creation. Whether you decide to post every day or twice a week, you must stick to that schedule. 

Creating a content calendar helps you plan your ideas so that nothing gets forgotten or lost in the heat of the moment. 

Using planning tools like Later, Hootsuite, or Buffer to schedule posts will help you to stick with your content creation goals for the long run. 


Step Five: Rotate Four Types Of Content 

Four types of content are necessary for successful content creation for social media. The four types are: 

  1. Entertain– content ideas to engage with your audience 
  2. Persuade– content that provides value and encourages customers to take a specific action 
  3. Inspire– thought leadership content that encourages your viewers 
  4. Education–content that builds authority on your products and niche 

If you ensure that you’re creating all four of these types of content, you’ll have a balanced content strategy for social media. It will allow you to create value for your audience and increase sales. As you grow as a digital content creator, you can incorporate user feedback to guide your content creation and increase audience engagement. 


Step Six: Analyze The Data 

As you continue to dive into your digital content creation, you’ll need to analyze and optimize your content using data. This will help you to reach new audiences, grow your community, and create more successful content.

Analyzing your content ideas for social media involves identifying trending topics, studying what goes viral in your niche, and testing different content on your social media platforms. 

You can use Google Analytics to study up-and-coming trends so that you can create seasonal content to attract new viewers. Doing hashtag research on different platforms will give you a better idea of what content does well in your niche and what trends you can take advantage of. 

Optimizing your content involves taking statistical data to make informed decisions on what to post next. 

If you’re creating TikTok content, using a creator account will give you access to analytics within the dashboard, so that you can track what’s working and what’s not. It will show engagement stats, view count, like count, and much more to help you decide which content of yours is doing well. 

Once you identify trends in your engagement rates, you can optimize your content using the data. This is a key step in maintaining your content creation for social media and one of the best ways to get feedback on your work. 

Are You Ready To Create Bomb Content?

These six steps are all you need to get started on your content creation for your social media journey. Whether you're a newbie or an experienced glowgetter, we want to help you get your shine out into the world. Check out our inventory for some tools to help you with your content creation today! 

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