How to Take Fabulous Instagram Photos

How to Take Fabulous Instagram Photos

Are you an influencer or content creator who wants to transform your Instagram page with quality content? 

Are you searching for a solution to dull feeds that lack the engagement and shares you need to grow your page? 

It sounds like you could use some tips to take better photos, and here at LITTIL, we're the experts in curating the perfect feed. 

To take better photos for Instagram, you need to know about lighting, camera settings, and how to improve photogenic quality. Each of these can make or break a photo shoot, but we're here to help with exactly what you need to nail photo content every time. 

In this article, we'll cover four key tips to take better photos for Instagram so that you can have the most fabulous feed. 


1. Adjust Your Camera Settings 

All you need to take high-quality photos is your iPhone, but did you know you can adjust the setting to improve the camera quality even more? 

There are several ways you can do this. In the settings, you can adjust your iPhone camera size preferences or change the photo resolution to the highest available option.

Inside the camera app, there are adjustments available as well. If you’re shooting video, you have the option to change the ratio of footage, which will allow you to create content geared for different platforms. For example, Instagram feed posts show the layout in a square ratio or a 1x1. In TikTok and Reels, however, the footage is displayed in a 9x16 aspect ratio, which is slightly elongated to fit iPhone screens. 

You have complete control over this in the camera app, and creating content in the correct aspect ratio for your platform is key to quality content. 

To take better Instagram photos, you can also adjust the focus settings in the camera and use filters or effects to create your desired look. 


2. Level Up Your Lighting With LITTIL 

Lighting is everything when you want to take better photos for Instagram. The better your lighting conditions, the more fabulous your content will be. 

You can’t always control the lighting conditions of your space. This can leave you with photos that are lackluster and gray in tone. 

Good lighting is important because it determines more than the brightness of your content. It also affects:

  • Tone 
  • Mood
  • Vibe
  • Impression 

All of these add (or take away) the photogenic quality of your content. Lighting adds layers to your content. If you want to ensure you’re taking the most fabulous pictures on Instagram, there is a solution: invest in portable lighting that is guaranteed to level up your content. 

Give your content the best kind of glow-up with our LITTIL Superstar Slim to enhance selfies and product demos alike. Whether you’re building your influencer brand or your newest store, our portable lighting solutions will help you to take better photos and stand out online.


3. Test Different Photo Modes 

iPhone offers several photo mode options such as portrait, panoramic, slow-mo, and live photos. Each comes with its benefit, and for Instagram feed posts, portrait mode is especially helpful. You can take better photos by utilizing the different modes to increase the diversity of your feed. 

For example, while portrait mode is great for product close-ups and headshots, live photos are more accurate for moving subjects and content that may be repurposed into video. 

Experiment with the different options to create a seamless variety of content for your brand. 


4. Try Out Different Angles 

If you want to take better photos for your Instagram, test different angles on your next photoshoot. 

Instagram feeds that are repetitive and use the same angle every time get dull fast, so avoid losing out on your wow factor by diversifying your shots. 

Similar to how lighting affects the mood and tone of your portraits, the angle can help to define the photo through voice and subject positioning.

Examples of camera angles you can use include: 

  • High angle
  • Low angle
  • Point of view
  • Over the shoulder 
  • Close Up
  • Long shot 

For example, taking low-angle photography can transform traditional subjects into heroic, superior graphics that draw viewers' eyes dramatically. Taking a close-up shot makes it obvious to the viewer that the subject is worth focusing on, intently. Experiment with different options to diversify your feed and dramatically improve your Instagram content. 


Are You Ready To Take Glowing Photos?

As you continue to create your glowing content, don’t be afraid to try something different that brings out your unique shine. Whether it's through changing the angle of your photo to reframe the subject or opting for a different view of your newest product, you’ll be taking better photos and on your way to a more fabulous feed in no time.

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