A Small Business Owners Guide to Glowing Content

A Small Business Owners Guide to Glowing Content

Content creators, influencers, brands, and small business owners–we’re all on board with the creator economy. But how do we create content that balances authenticity with quality?

Even if you’ve just begun your journey with LITTIL, you know how we feel about bringing out the best in our creators and community. Part of our commitment to helping you show up as your best online involves educating you on how to create glowing content. 

In this article, we’ll explore the meaning of glowing content, how to get started with LITTIL products for your business, and tips for creating high-quality content online. 


What Is Glowing Content?

Simply put, glowing content is quality content.  

Quality content is content that provides value for your audience and as a result, helps you to achieve your business goals. As a small business owner, when you invest in your business and give value to your viewers, you’re creating glowing content. 

Whether your goals are to establish and build community or expand your small business through sales, quality content is how you’re going to get there. With the help of our LITTIL products, you can perfect your content and curate an attractive Instagram business profile to help you get noticed online.  


Which LITTIL Light Is Right For You?

Our first tip to create glowing content is to improve your lighting. Lighting affects how your audience and potential buyers view your products. 

Poorly lit photos can leave a negative impression on your audience and detract from the aesthetic of your brand in the long run. 

While natural lighting is the best for taking portraits and product photography, it's not always available when you need it most. That’s why here at LITTIL, we offer lighting solutions for small business owners and creators alike. 

For influencers and superstars ready to level up their content, our classic LITTIL Superstar is the way to go. This high-powered ring light offers three different lighting settings, optimal for both content creation for social media and work from home. 

For content creators who are committed to documenting the process and behind the scenes of their work, our LITTIL Bright is the perfect desk accessory. Say goodbye to a dim workspace and create an optimal photography studio right in your home office with this LED lamp.

For up-and-coming glowgetters who want to make content wherever they go, our LITTIL Superstar Slim is the perfect content creation companion. With adjustable lighting settings, you create the perfect ambiance for your pics, and you never have to worry about battery power. Plug this light into any power source, and you're ready to start creating. 

For those focusing on growing a personal brand and taking more vlog-style content, our LITTIL Selfie One is the stellar pick. It’s small enough to carry on the go and bright enough to dramatically change the lighting quality of any photo set.



Tips For Creating Glowing Content

Now that you’ve decided which LITTIL light works for you, it’s time to put it into action. Content creation for social media involves more than snapping a picture and posting it online. If you want to take the best photos and create glowing content consider these tips:

  • Use lighting settings to create consistency. Each of our lights offers three different tones to illuminate your project: warm, cool, and natural. As you take photos, create a consistent theme with your feed by optimizing each lighting setting. 
  • Choose brand colors. Whether you're a personal brand or a small business e-commerce brand, defining the visual elements of your brand is beneficial. By starting with a color palette, you can align all your content creation with the same visual theme, helping you to stand out amidst other online competitors. 
  • Try out different angles. Diversifying your content by taking photos from different angles will improve your content feed overall.
  • Share behind the scenes. Your audience relies on you to explain the purpose and value of your product. Add more value to your followers' timelines by sharing shots of the product in use, in production, and being shipped out to loyal fans.
  • Use an editor. Even photos that were taken with our Superstar products need a little editing. You can use an editor app like Snapseed or VCSO to edit your photos. Stay consistent with the filters you use in the editing stage. These can help unify your brand assets and help your audience to associate your content with visual themes. 
  • Focus on presentation. Having an aesthetic DIY photography set up for your content creation can change the game when it comes to creating content. Whether you’re taking product photos or portraits, start with a clear background and key lighting to accentuate your subjects. Consider adding a background light to define the tone of your work, and play around with the positioning of your subjects to get the best look. 


Get Your Glow On With LITTIL

Ready to take on the world with your glowing content? We’re rooting for you! At LITTIL, we make it possible for creators and small business owners just like you to get their shine out into their world. Whether you’re just starting, or leveling up your content creation for social media, we want to be a part of it. Check out our LITTIL ring lights today! 

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