How To Get Your First Brand Deal: A Step By Step Guide

How To Get Your First Brand Deal: A Step By Step Guide

Getting your first brand deal is an important part of any content creator's journey. But how do you get started? What should you do to attract brands that want to work with you?

If you’re a creator looking for the steps to take for how to get sponsored by brands, then this guide is for you. In this article, we’ll cover eight steps on how to get brand deals as an influencer. 


1. Choose A Niche 

Choosing a niche is the best place to start when it comes to getting your first brand deal. Before brands can approach you, they need to be able to easily identify the types of content you create and who your audience is.

By choosing a niche, you define who your content serves so that brands with products geared toward a similar audience may notice you. 

If you want to know how to get sponsored by brands, having a niche with focused content is where to start. Engagement increases with niche content, and brands have a better idea of how you’ll perform for them in action. 


2. Focus On One Social Media Platform 

When you’re just starting with content creation for social media, it’s best to stick with one platform to build your following. Having one solid platform for sponsored content will get you farther with brands than having several underdeveloped social presences on different sites. 

Some of the best platforms to get sponsored by brands are Instagram and TikTok. Brands are looking for influences of all platform sizes, so don’t let a low follower count discourage you from continuing to create. 


3. Create Content Consistently To Grow Your Platform 

A crucial step in getting your first brand deal is to create content consistently. Focus on creating high-quality content to increase engagement, and follow a schedule to grow trust with your audience.

Brands are interested in viral content, but creating viral content isn’t the only strategy out there that brings results. Consistency is your best bet as a newer creator because it pays out in the long run. 

Consistent content creation for social media is also more likely to result in the growth of your audience, which can attract more lucrative sponsorship opportunities. 


4. Sign Up For Influencer Platforms 

Once you’ve established your niche and platform, and have begun to create content, you can sign up for websites for content creators to bridge that gap between influencers and brands. 

Examples of influencer platforms include:

With these, you can create a profile to show off your work. If you want to get sponsored by brands, you’ll have to put yourself in front of ones that are actively searching for superstars just like you, and this is one way to do that. 


5. Track Your Engagement Statistics 

Tracking your engagement statistics will help you to improve your content creation for social media. As your platform grows, you’ll be in a better position to charge higher rates. 

Tracking your engagement statistics also shows brands that you’re serious about creating content and getting paid for it. By having this data displayed through a media kit, you show potential collaborators that you're ready for the job. 


6. Create Your Media Kit 

A media kit is a virtual document that creators can send to brands when they are pursuing potential collaborations. It should include your strengths as a content creator, audience insights, engagement stats, and examples of content you’ve created in the past.

A strong media kit will set you apart from other creators because not everyone takes this step. It is a sure way to show brands you’re serious about your work. 


7. Set Up Your Way Of Contact 

Now that you have your media kit and platform established, it’s time to set up a way for brands to contact you. The best way to do this is to add an email to the social media platform you’re creating content on. This provides a direct way for brands to contact you about working together. 

If you want to link your media kit, you can consider creating a website to showcase your stats and include a contact page. 

Both are great ways to get sponsored by brands, but when you’re just starting, an email or a CTA to DM on your page is enough. 


8. Pitch Brands 

Finally, it’s time to start pitching brands. 

While brands may organically reach out to you, you increase your odds of getting your first brand deal by pitching.

Pitching can be done through influencer apps, email, and even through social media DMs. 

The main thing to remember with pitching is that while you are looking for brands to work with, brands are also looking for YOU.

Content creators provide immense value to brands, and when you collaborate with brands that share your mission and values, you strengthen your community online and your reach only grows. 


Ready For Your First Brand Deal? 

These are the eight steps for getting your first brand deal. For creators and influencers alike, it pays to be a glowing content creator. With LITTIL, you can create glowing content that attracts brand deals and sponsorships. Are you ready for your first brand deal? 

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