Need Help Finding a Niche? Let's Break it Down!

Need Help Finding a Niche? Let's Break it Down!

Finding a niche is a key step in your journey to creating glowing content. It will help you stand out online, create higher-quality content, and learn the unique desires of your audience. Once you choose your niche, you can:


  • Begin building authority online 
  • Create focused content that speaks to a targeted audience 
  • Build your platform by engaging with related content 
  • Optimize your content to meet the needs of your community 


So, where do you start with finding a niche? In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about finding a niche and helpful tips to get your content creation started.


1. Start With Your Interests 

The best place to begin when choosing your niche is your interests. It’s easier to come up with original content in areas you’re already involved in, and you’ll naturally elevate your online presence in the process by becoming an authority in your niche.

Create a list of five to ten topics you are interested in creating content on and then review them. Which ones are you most passionate about? Are any of them trending online currently?

Having a niche that aligns with your interests will help you to stay motivated to create content. The more excited you are to create glowing content, the easier it will be to maintain.


2. Solve a Problem

Your niche is the specific topics your content creation will cover, but you can narrow it down further by solving a specific problem for your audience.

For example, at LITTIL, our ring light selection solves the issue of poor lighting in photos. They also make high-quality lighting accessible from anywhere with portable options for on-the-go creators.

We recognize that many people have quality cameras on their phones to take fabulous photos, but they can’t always control the environment or lighting.

When we created our brand, we studied what our audience already had and asked ourselves: how can we make their life even better?

As you’re finding your niche, ask yourself that same question: How can I make life better for my audience?

Honing in on a specific problem will draw a targeted audience to your platform so that you can focus less on finding new viewers and more on elevating your content. Adding value is crucial in engaging and maintaining your platform, and solving a specific problem is one of the best ways to do that.


3. Research

Once you’ve identified your interests and evaluated them for a solvable problem, it’s time to do some market research.

Solid market research is what will separate good ideas from profitable ones. Though your initial goal may not be to make money from your content, profitability should still be considered.

Things you can research to determine if the niche is profitable to include:

  • Prominent content creators in the space
  • Quora or Reddit pages related to the niche 
  • Trending related content 
  • Google Trends to see if there is a high search volume
  • Successful products in the niche

Don’t forget to include audience research as you wean your lists of interests to find your niche. Your audience's habits, values, and needs will ultimately drive your content creation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t let your shine out during the process.


4. Find Your Shine

Make your niche unique to your business by identifying your shine. Glowing content stands out above the rest when you add a personal touch. Whether that touch shines through in your brand voice or the color pallets of your Instagram feed, take the time to identify it so that it remains consistent within your content.


5. Experiment

The last tip is to experiment with different content. The first niche you choose from your interests list may not be the one you go with and that’s OK. Trial and error are a part of quality content creation because they help you to gain feedback on what will work for your business.


Get Creative With LITTIL

Now, you’re ready to choose your niche and get started with your content creator journey. Don’t forget to check out our lighting collections to ensure you have everything you need to look fabulous!

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