20 Cool TikTok Content Ideas, When You Can’t Think of Anything

20 Cool TikTok Content Ideas, When You Can’t Think of Anything

Content creation requires constant creativity, and some days it's harder than others to come up with new ideas for your page.

Every fashion creator has those moments, so we’re here to help. Here’s a list of 20 cool TikTok ideas for when you need a little extra inspiration.

1. Fit Checks 

Start off your day by showing your outfit in a full length mirror. 

2. Create a themed lookbook

Lookbooks are a staple in the fashion content space but you can spice yours up by theming. 

Some examples of themes are:

  • Time period 
  • Occasion 
  • Color 
  • Season 

3. Style a specific item 

Finding creative ways to style unique items and even staple pieces can show your audience what makes your brand unique. 

You could style specific items from your own collection, or take it to a trend to style clothing that's on the rise.

4. Day in the life

Day in the Life content is a classic staple for many niches on Tik-Tok it's especially relevant to the fashion industry. you can model your clothing and everyday wear or show off your style in a way that's casual and approachable.

5. Packing essentials for different destinations 

Share with your audience how you pack on the go without sacrificing personal style. You can get creative by theming your packing videos by destination or even occasion. 

6. Get ready with me

Filming a get ready with me is a classic video that can be a great daily addition to your content calendar. You can specialize these by timing them, using voiceover, or talking about topics important to your brand while you’re getting dressed. 

7. Take a fictional character and create their go-to looks

This is a twist on the trend where an artist takes fictional characters and draws them in modern-day attire. You can create lookbooks for your favorite characters and show how you think they would style themselves today. 

8. Create mood boards using your closet

Use your wardrobe to create colorful mood boards or vice versa! 

9. Shopping haul 

Hauls are a fan favorite online and a classic way to show new purchases. You can even add a styling portion to the video to show how you would wear each item. 

10. Do trend predictions

Take the time to forecast what items of clothing or looks might come into style in the upcoming years. You can take inspiration from celebrities and other fashion trends already circulating the internet. 

11. Create a poll on fashion trends that need to go

Share your thoughts on what trends you’d like to leave behind in 2023. Let your audience get involved by inviting them to give their opinion via a poll or in the comments. 

12. Style monochrome outfits

It's difficult to pull off monochrome fits, even more so to create them. Impress your fans with fashionable, re-creatable monochrome outfits that work for any occasion. 

13. Duet other fashion creators 

Duets are one of the most unique TikTok features for creators. Many craters will piggyback off of the trends, dances, and video ideas of others, and it's a great way to add more variety to your content strategy.  

As a fashion or lifestyle influencer, you could: 

  • Duet a fashion creator and recreate their outfit 
  • Use the duet feature to model different sizes of your clothes
  • Duet a fashion creator and style the inverse of their outfit 
  • Duet one of your models and voiceover why their outfit works together well 

14. Share your experience with personal styling 

If you’re a personal stylist or have a unique personal style, share the background behind it. How did you discover your personal style? What do you focus on when styling or helping style someone new? 

15. Do a Q&A with questions supplied by your audience 

Interactive content is a way to better engage your followers and let them get to know your brand. User-generated content, like follower-supplied questions and topics, is ideal for many lifestyle creators who need fresh ideas. 

16. Take a vote on your styling choices

Have your audience vote on what you should wear for certain occasions and special events. Or, let them suggest how to style certain pieces and accessories. 

17. Do a wardrobe or beauty makeover 

Doing a makeover for yourself or others. Record it and use it in time-lapse format to show your beauty skills. 

18. Recreate an outfit from a celebrity or TV character 

Recreate an iconic fit from online. You could find affordable dupe options as well. 

19. Style your go-to looks for different occasions 

You can get creative with this one! Styling unique looks add personality to any fashion or lifestyle brand, but showing their versatility takes this to new heights. 

20. Do a thrift flip 

Re-style and flip old items to show them off in a new way.


Level Up Your Fashion Content With LITTIL 

So there you have it! Twenty TikTok ideas for when you can’t think of anything. If you ever need more inspiration, check out other creators in your niche or apply your own style to circulating trends. You’re next viral video could be just one idea away. Stay inspired with LITTIL today! 

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