5 Quick Tips to Improve your Instagram Stories

5 Quick Tips to Improve your Instagram Stories

Are you looking for ways to improve your Instagram stories? Do you want to increase engagement and grow your audience organically through quality content? 

If you’re a content creator who wants to optimize your Instagram stories, then this article is for you. Instagram stories provide an outlet to instantly connect with your audience and give insight into your life and business. 

The stories feature helps bring superstar creators and their audiences together, and here at LITTIL, we’re betting on a future filled with community. 

In this article, we’ll explore quick tips to improve your Instagram stories so you can get started on your content creation journey today. 


1. Increase Reach With Hashtags

Hashtags add context to your stories and help Instagram to identify your content themes. When used consistently and strategically they can increase the reach of your content by bringing new visitors to your profile. 

When you use hashtags, they place your content on the relevant page for that hashtag. High-quality content can also rank within the Instagram app for the hashtag, and your content could get placed on the discovery page of a new audience. 


2. Post Everyday 

Posting every day is key with Instagram stories. Ideally, posting multiple times a day is best. This will keep you at the top of your followers' stories feed, which increases the odds of them viewing your story. 

Posting daily also shows your audience and the algorithm that your page is active, which aids in long-term growth. Be sure to diversify the daily posts you use with high-quality selfies, quotes, templates, and pictures that align with your brand. 


3. Add Polls to Increase Engagement 

You can increase engagement on your stories by adding polls and other digital stickers. These give your viewers a chance to connect with you and keep them watching your content longer. The longer your watch time on your content, the higher quality Instagram views it, so increasing engagement with polls is a great way to elevate your content. 


4. Use Design Templates 

Apps like Canva allow you to batch-create content for your Instagram stories. You can use design templates to unify the colors and theme of your stories as well as integrate similar visual elements from your feed posts.

This has the overall effect of strengthening your branding, which helps you to stand out online. As you create more stories, you can share them with your highlights feed and add covers with the same visual elements. These are sure to attract new viewers and increase your authority online. 


5. Share Content Through Stories 

Stories are for more than good morning selfies–though those are one of the best ways to start the morning. Diversifying the content you share in your stories will keep viewers coming back for more. One way you can do this is to share content from other pages. Whether you share an inspirational quote from a large brand you follow or a pick from your latest superstar getaway with a friend, engaging with other accounts through stories is a good move. 


Capture The Perfect Instagram Story With LITTIL 

The best way to improve your stories overall is to fill them with quality, well-lit content. With LITTIL ring lights, you can set the stage to create glowing content that gets likes, saves, and shares. Be sure to check out our store today to get started on your glowgetter journey! 

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